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August 18, 2017
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August 21, 2017

New MK Series LED Flood Light

In early of 2017, Best LED Lighting released the new LED flood light. We named it the MK series flood light. This lamp has been designed and continuously improved by our engineering team. It was finally designed at the end of last year and released to the market in early 2017.We hope you can like this white shell LED flood light. Actually, our new MK series LED flood light to sell out with large quantity at this year. We have good feedback from the global market.

Ultra thin exterior design

Why design the LED flood light in Ultra thin? The answer is all the led flood light design trend to ultra thin. So we can not fall behind the technology industry. However, the quality control or product design. We also can bring a new idea to all of our LED products.MK model LED flood light not only beauty his appearance. And also improve the cooling area. You can see all the led chip arrangement on whole PCB board, and all the led chip have beam angle design. Normally, we make the flood light in beam angle 60°. White painted color also more fresher and natural.

Why SMD Led Flood Light sell hot

The SMD LED flood light to sell very well on market. Why? Because the LED lighting technology already improved a lot. SMD LED flood light more save cost on COB or integrated led chip. Not only the cost-saving but the quality also more better . Because the hot emission will be better than old LED flood light. As we all know that the LED chip will be very hot while working too long time. If can not good on hot emission will be short the lifespan. Then will increase the speed of product failure. So we suggest all of our LED customers buy LED flood light in SMD model. Because the cooling area bigger than normal old LED flood lights.

The MK series LED flood lights all to use the SMD2835 chip. So we spread all the LEDs on the PCB board. It will be better for lighting effect and enlarge the lighting area of the outdoor project.

It increases utilization ratio of lighting at least 30% than integrated led flood light.

Now, we can make the Ultra-thin MK model LED flood light :

  • 30W
  • 50W
  • 100W

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