New launched all parts in one solar LED street light

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August 19, 2017
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August 23, 2017
Solar LED street light

LED street light with solar panel

All Parts In One Solar Street Light Features

All parts in one LED solar street light are becoming very popular in the places where is abundant with solar resources to illuminate the street lights due to the compact unique design and integrated functions. The traditional street light is gradually getting replaced by the new all in one solar street light with advanced features like the high-efficiency lumen, solar panel, battery management system and specific lighting features. All In One Solar Street Light are absorbing solar power and producing power to Battery, and too bright LED, which is using lowest power consumption technology.

LiFe PO4 Battery in one solar street light

Lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4 battery) is a type of rechargeable battery with the nominal voltage of 3.2V per cell. Because of its non-toxicity, high abundance of iron, excellent thermal stability, safety characteristics, good electrochemical performance, long cycle life and high specific capacity, it is widely used in electric vehicles.

MPPT controller regulates and protects power to lamp and battery packs, with more protection function

The all parts in one solar street light battery management system.
1). Over input or output protection
2). LED soft starts function,reduce the electric current impact to LED lamp bead
3). Lighting protection

The solar panel of all parts in one solar street light.

Best LED Lighting launched the all parts in one LED solar street lights are designed and developed especially for lighting highway lighting where need safe and stable lighting distribution.

Mono crystalline PV module, highly efficient and tolerant to heat providing more output on a smaller footprint.