Solar LED Street Light 20W-30W

LED solar street light 40W-50W
Solar LED Street Light 40W-50W
August 4, 2017
150W street light
LED Street Light 120W-150W
August 3, 2017

Solar LED Street Light 20W-30W

Solar LED Street Light 20W-30W in high quality make with GL LED 3535 and Mono solar panel 50W.Integrated design, no need access to AC high voltage wire.

Solar LED Street Light 20W-30W with high luminous flux. Energy saving obviously compared with the normal street light energy saving more than 80%. It is IP65 waterproof, quick-cooling, easy to install, to disassemble and to maintain.


  • High Quality
  • 5 years Warranty
  • Good heat emission
  • Beam Angle 120°, meeting various application requirements
  • Easy to install and using pro-environment materials, no hazardous metals.No strobe flash eco-friendly

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Solar LED Street Light 20W-30W

The high-quality Solar LED Street Light 20W-30W good for replacing traditional street lights.
Battery input voltage: 12V
5 years Warranty
High lumens output
MPPT controller regulates and protects power to lamp and battery packs, with more protection function
With IOT system receiver
LG LED 3535 with Mono solar panel 50W and LiFePO4 battery
House color: Sliver
Lumen output:100lm/W
Easy to install and no stroboflash eco-friendly

1. Industrial zones
2.Out side of road
4.Elevated roads
5.City streets
6.Sidewalks and other street lighting
Item No.BL -HP3000-20WBL -HP3000-30W
LED typeLG 3535LG 3535
Back up time3-5days3-5days
Battery input voltage12V12V
Color temperature2700-6500K2700-6500K
Beam Angle120°120°
Power Efficiency>90%>90%
Power factor>0.95>0.95
MaterialsAluminium+LED chipsAluminium+LED chips
Water proof classIP65IP65
Working modeAuto ON/OFF  ,Time DimmingAuto ON/OFF  ,Time Dimming
Package Size(L*W*D)985*420*140mm985*420*140mm
Solar panelMono solar panel: 50WMono solar panel: 50W
Smart Energy Battery LiFePO4 battery:192WH  LiFePO4 battery:  230WH
Working Tmperature -40~50 degrees -40~50 degrees
LED solar street light 30W
Solar led street light 30W
Solar led street light
solar led street light project