Why did the LED tunnel lights in the tunnel should be arranged so?

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November 29, 2017
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Why did the LED tunnel lights in the tunnel be arranged so?

LED tunnel lamp has become a new type of lighting fixture developed in recent years due to its long life, low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency and controllable lighting angle. It is commonly used in road tunnel lighting. Because of the particularity of tunnel lighting, the arrangement of LED tunnel lights is also different from the conventional lighting fixtures. But many drivers and users may have the following questions:

Why are the tunnel lights at the entrance of the tunnel denser than the LED tunnel lights?

This is determined by the special structure of the tunnel and the physiological structure of the human eye. Because LED tunnel light is a semi closed structure, the brightness is a large difference between the inside and outside of the tunnel. When the vehicle enters or drives out of the tunnel, the human eye needs to adapt to the time, that is to say, there is "adaptive lag phenomenon". When entering the vehicle during the day, due to the brightness dips, visual reaction lag "black hole effect", it is difficult to distinguish the situation; and the vehicle out of the tunnel, forming a "white hole effect", caused the intense glare.
In order to avoid the difference of light intensity between the inside and outside of the tunnel, the human eye has a short time of the visual impairment. This requires that the LED lights of the tunnel entry and exit are relatively dense, so as to slow down the light intensity difference between the outside and inside of the tunnel, and ensure the driving safety of the driver.

The reasons for two row arrangement of LED tunnel lamps in the tunnel.

In the normal tunnel, the LED lamps are often designed to be two rows, which is also considering driver safety. Generally speaking, the LED tunnel lights are divided into two rows, showing two lights. They are located on both sides. The ceiling lamps do not shoot at the ground so that they can both illuminate the space without reflection.

The above is the common arrangement problem in the installation and application of the LED tunnel lamp.

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