Why should be launched new UFO LED high bay light? It is necessary or not?

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August 23, 2017
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New LED high bay light

LED high bay light UFO

Why should be launched new UFO LED high bay light? It is necessary or not?

As a professional and had long-term experience led lights manufacturer must be had the new product launch on market and the strong sense of competition. So Best LED Lighting should launched a new kind fin cool type UFO LED high bay light with high lumen more than 130lm/W and Meanwell driver for 5 years warranty.

High shipping cost on the UFO LED high bay light

As we all know that the high cost to ship old type led UFO high bay light. This problem let many suppliers very headache. So our company develop a new kind of UFO LED high bay light with the new kind fin cool system. It has many thinners aluminum fin to increase the lamp heat emission area. Then good for LED chip and led driver working life-span. It is also good for shipping cost even though some clients just order a small quantity and want to ship by air or express. The cost of shipment can save too much than normal UFO LED high bay light.

What are the advantages of UFO LED high bay light?

We list several piont, but definitely not only these.
a.Looks beautiful, rich creative content, we call it UFO LED high bay light, listen to the name is very special, we believe that will enhance the overall image of the customer project.
b.Unique design ideal, and have long term working lifespan . This product can be used in high-level exhibition halls, warehouse, factory and special mines, or any place you need, you can achieve the desired effect.
c.With different power can be selected 100W/150W /200W and 240W.
High luminous efficiency, anti-glare, waterproof grade IP65 can be done, beautiful appearance, good heat dissipation, light weight, small package size, greatly reducing transportation costs, thereby improving the product cost

The life span and how to maintain it of UFO LED high bay light?

  1. UFO LED high bay light with unique aluminum fins cooling and lamp shell integrated design, effective heat conduction diffusion, thereby reducing the temperature of inside the lamp to protect the LED light source 50000 hours of service life. According to the daily lighting 11-12 hours, so the UFO LED high bay lights without replacement in 10 years.
  2. Lamps work in the atmospheric environment, there must be dust attached to the surface of the lamp body, over for a long time that the dust on the lamp body will be more and more. That is must be affected the cooling of the lamp to affect the lamp life.What should we do? In fact, from time to time on the light house with a dry cloth wipe clean, and then you can guarantee the life-span of the UFO LED high bay light.