Why so difficult to buy reliable quality led panel light?

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The different of LED panel light in 5 years warranty and 2 years warranty

Now, all panel light have different level quality. Normal in 5 years warranty and 2 years warranty. The price have big different on market.
Many clients order led panel lights just look the photos are same. And not care the quality is good. So there has much different quality on led panel lights. As we know the highly competitive market, all people are more difficult to do business with led lights. Especially, the LED panel lights.
The main difference as below:
1. LED chips were different. Although all manufacturer uses the SMD2835 chip for led panel lights. But the 2 years warranty panel light will be using Chinese small brand smd2835 led. But the high quality led panel light with 5 years warranty will be using the original imported SMD2835 chip which imports from Taiwan. The luminous decay complete different after 5000 hours.
2. The PLG (light guide plate) is different. The 2 years warranty led panel light will be using Chinese PLG and the 5 years warranty led panel light will be used MITSUBISHI PLG which imported from Japan. The quality must be not same with Chinese local produce PLG.
3. The LED drivers were different. The 2 years warranty led panel light will be using normal quality led driver made in China mainland. And the 5 years warranty led panel light will be used Meanwell driver(the famous brand from Taiwan) or Lifud driver( the top brand in China). The PF more than 0.98 of Meanwell and Lifud driver. The normal led panel light driver PF about 0.6-0.8.
4. The URG and SDCM were different. The high quality 5 years warranty led panel light’s URG<19 and SDCM<5.
URG: Glare index. URG<19 can acceptable by human’s eye.
SDCM: Color tolerance unit. The level of industry standards, energy star ANSI C78.376, the color tolerance is less than or equal to 7SDCM; the EU standard IEC60081, SDCM <7; GB10682-2002, the SDCM <5.
So you must be more care the lighting must be good for your health. As we know that led panel light all installed in supermarket, store, office, hospital, and school. All the place stay lots of people.

What is PLG in led panel light?

The light guide plate is made of optical grade acrylic / PC sheet, and then with high reflectivity and non-absorbable high-tech materials, optical grade acrylic sheet in the bottom with laser engraving, V-shaped cross-grid carving, UV screen printing technology printed on the light guide point. The use of optical grade acrylic sheet to absorb the light emitted from the light in the optical grade acrylic sheet surface to stay, when the light hit the light guide point, the reflected light will spread to the various angles, and then destroy the reflective conditions from the light guide plate positive injection. Through a variety of density, different sizes of light guide point, the light guide plate can be uniform light. The purpose of the reflective sheet is to reflect the light from the bottom surface back to the light guide plate, used to improve the efficiency of light use; the same area of light emission conditions, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption. Single-sided microstructure array light guide plate is generally used extrusion production process.
So good quality PLG has more than 90% light transmittance. But the normal PLG only have 70%-80% light transmittance. That why good quality with 5 years warranty led panel light use imported PLG material.

Best LED Lighting has many years on produce the led panel lights. So we would like to provide high quality led panel lights to our clients. We already deliver lots of led panel lights to world market like Germany, UK, Netherlands, Spain, France, Switzerland and some American market. Our panel light quality is reliable, please do not just compare prices only. Different price has different quality. Please don’t break the rules of Economics.